Learning, developing, growing

What we can offer you

Join us and you’ll discover a culture that encourages and rewards your expertise. Where you have countless opportunities for development. And where your wellbeing truly matters.

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Our work culture

We value people who want to be experts in their fields. Dedicated people who keep on learning, developing and growing. People who are confident in their own knowledge, but always prepared to listen to alternative ideas and opinions. Who enjoy working closely with other subject experts across different teams to build innovative solutions. And who thrive in an environment where they can broaden their skills and discover fresh perspectives.

So, join us and you’ll discover a culture that encourages collaboration and enables you to develop your technical expertise. In a supportive environment where you’ll always have someone to turn to and where everyone’s contribution is recognised.

Rewards and benefits

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27 days’ holiday plus bank holidays

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Buy and sell holiday option

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Employer contribution pension

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Life assurance

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Onsite employee restaurant and Coffee shop

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Sports and social club

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Employee assistance programme

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Local discounts and cashback options

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Professional subscription membership

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Further education support (via Lindley Education Fund)

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Car scheme (via salary sacrifice)

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Cycle scheme


Learning and development



Your learning starts on day one, with a comprehensive programme that’ll give you everything you need to know to access the fabulous support and activities on campus and get up to speed quickly


Continuous learning

From apprenticeships and graduate programmes to ongoing learning for our most experienced experts, we’re always looking for new ways to help our people develop.

With your own personal development plan, reviewed regularly to ensure you’re meeting your personal ambitions, you’ll have access to a host of training on our e-learning platform. From enhancing your technical abilities to building personal skills such as communication or negotiation, you’ll find all you need to further your career.


Specialist training

With a dedicated e-learning platform and a bespoke centre for developing automotive skills on our site – MIRA Technology Institute – you have access to a large range of course with specialist industry, further education and higher education partners. MTI’s vision is to develop high technology and business skills for the worldwide automotive industry. Not to mention courses specifically designed to develop specific skills, such as leadership, project management, or risk management. So, you’ll always find the support and development opportunities you need.

And this includes the specialist automotive training that we offer through HORIBA MIRA experts.

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Supporting your wellbeing

Join us and you’ll find a range of services to support your wellbeing. Our employee assistance programme (EAP), offers a huge range of services. From podcasts to counselling and advisory services. And access to everything from a remote GP and physio, to second opinions and mental health counselling.

We’ll monitor your ongoing health through our occupational health services, to make sure your health and safety’s a priority. Ben, the automotive charity, offers personal and professional advice and support.

With support from mentors, buddies, line managers and colleagues, as well as a variety of support groups for people with shared experiences, you’ll always find someone to turn to.

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Flexible working

We believe in treating our people like adults. So, join us and you’ll find a variety of working arrangements across HORIBA MIRA. From part-time roles to shift working and on-call arrangements. Flexitime to flexible locations, including working from home. And we’ll often offer time off in lieu for any overtime you work. It’s an approach that enables you to work around your personal commitments. And it all depends on the team you join. Because, as long as it works for our business and our customers, we’ll do all we can to make it work for you.

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Keeping you informed

Collaboration and ideas-sharing are at the heart of the way we work. So, we want everyone here to be engaged with the business. And a lot of that relies on great communication. That’s why we’ve developed a number of ways to keep everybody in HORIBA MIRA up-to-date on what’s happening The Pulse is our regular company update that gives you the bigger picture of what’s going on around the business, beyond your own team. And the monthly Pulse Locals give team leaders the chance to share company-wide news about performance, as well as covering local news and issues. What’s more, different teams are always giving informal talks and presentations about their work. So, you’ll always know what’s going on.

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Socialising together

We want the HORIBA MIRA family to feel like just that – a family. So, we don’t just encourage our people to collaborate efficiently. We know you do your best work when you socialise with your teammates, celebrate joint successes, and spend time together away from our labs and offices. From team building exercises and company awards, to staff parties and creative getaways, you won’t just form strong bonds with your immediate team. You’ll also have the chance to connect with hundreds of talented people across the globe, who are all working to advance our unique HORIBA MIRA brand of innovation.