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Vehicle Attributes and Performance

An engineering supplier capable of leading the entire programme throughout the development process. Design, simulation and testing all in one location by one team.

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Tuning up for the future

We’re experts in developing and tuning a vehicle’s attribute performance. Join us as an engineer and you’ll be working in purpose-built test facilities. You’ll be using the most advanced and innovative technologies. And you’ll have the chance to contribute to the design, simulation and development of a variety of vehicles, from the earliest stages of their development. Or, as a Project Manager, you could be leading a project taking a new vehicle from concept through to market, ensuring that every aspect of its attribute performance is developed successfully. Working with some of the world’s biggest names in a variety of vehicle sectors, you’ll make sure they meet their targets.

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Chassis System Engineering

Join this team of chassis system design experts and you’ll be joining an internationally recognised team that covers every aspect of chassis benchmarking, development and tuning. With the UK’s most extensive testing facilities and a variety of advanced engineering systems at your fingertips, you’ll have the chance to stretch your skills in areas such as durability, dynamics and NVH. You’ll enjoy the scope to work with world-renowned manufacturers in a wide range of automotive sectors. From commercial vehicles to motorsports and defence. And you’ll be contributing to a variety of stimulating projects, taking them from concept through to validation and production.

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Driven Attribute Development

Our teams of engineers are involved at every stage of attribute development for our customers. Join one of our teams and you’ll cover the entire development lifecycle, from concept design through to attribute development and legislative testing. With advanced engineering facilities and world-leading test facilities, including a VI grade COMPACT simulator, you’ll have everything you need to make a real impact. You could be involved in designing and developing suspension and steering systems or prototype attributes. You might be benchmarking or testing components using simulations. Or you could be involved in compliance testing. Whatever your role, you’ll be helping to develop the next generation of vehicles.

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Vehicle Systems Integration

We may have a range of specialist teams, but we always take a holistic approach to vehicle development. That means working together, understanding how different systems fit together and ensuring that they integrate effectively. So, our team of expert systems integration engineers covers the entire lifecycle, from capturing requirements and defining the architecture, to defining the interface and designing the physical network architecture. Join them and you could be working with a variety of customers, creating schematic and 3D wiring harness designs to cover all the programme requirements. In short, you’ll ensure that all the relevant systems are integrated effectively, no matter what the vehicle is.