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The scope to challenge convention, develop specialist engineering skills and shape the future of travel. That’s what you’ll find on our graduate programmes.

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Graduates at HORIBA MIRA

On our two-year graduate programmes, you’ll join one of our Engineering and Technology, or Testing Services teams. Working on a huge variety of projects, you’ll actively contribute to making journeys safer, cleaner and smarter, as you build your engineering expertise in your chosen area.

You’ll gain exposure to a variety of HORIBA MIRA teams and customers. And we’ll give you all the support you need to become a Chartered Engineer. So, on completion, you’ll be on your way to becoming a thought leader in your specialist area.

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The format of the programme

Your two-year programme gives you broad exposure to a range of projects, challenges and experiences. As a full member of your team, you’ll learn from highly experienced colleagues who are often recognised thought leaders in their fields. At the same time, we’ll encourage you to voice your opinions, challenge convention and bring a fresh approach to our work.

So, by the end of the programme, you’ll start to be recognised for your own specialist knowledge. You’ll enjoy plenty of support, from your line manager and colleagues, to a dedicated mentor, a buddy and a network of other apprentices and graduates.

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Building your skills and knowledge

You’ll be constantly learning. At your induction, you’ll learn about our range of projects, how all our teams work together and the huge range of career possibilities we offer. Then, from the moment you join your team, you’ll be contributing to live projects, building your expertise alongside recognised specialists and working towards becoming a Chartered Engineer. And we’ll support you all the way, including a structured learning programme to gain a Masters degree, if required.


Ongoing professional development

At HORIBA MIRA, we have a comprehensive learning and development programme for all our people. So, you can expect regular reviews with your line manager to talk through your career goals and ambitions, with a set plan to give you the skills and experience you need to achieve them. Whether you want to move into leadership and management, or become a thought leader and expert in your chosen area, we’ll give you all the support you need to achieve your full potential.


What we're
looking for

We’re excited by how you can be shaping the future of travel. That’s why we look for these qualities.



A 2:2 Honours degree or a Master’s degree in a relevant subject.


You're shaping the future of travel, so your soft skills will be just as important as your technical ability.


A team player with excellent communication skills and the ability to develop creative solutions to complex challenges.


Strong customer focus and the resilience to learn from any setbacks.

Meet some
of the team


Alexander Jackson

Engineer – Electromobility

HORIBA MIRA have given me the opportunity to take a wide range of training, from mechanical courses to softer skills. I also get the chance to broaden my expertise working with colleagues in other departments, as well as industry events and STEM days. It’s great to work for a company that are so supportive of personal development.


Meet some
of the team


Muhammed Jeeva

Graduate Cybersecurity Engineer

I joined HORIBA MIRA because of my love for cars and computers, but I’ve been able to bring more of my hobbies outside of work into my job, such as using drones, coding, CAD and 3D printing. Also, the cyber security area of the industry is very new, and it's really exciting to be involved in its development – there’s never a dull moment.

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Hints and tips from the team


Right to Work in the UK

When you apply to us, we’ll check both your eligibility for employment with us, and your suitability for the programme you apply to. This means you must make sure that you have the Right to Work in the UK. If you don’t have eligibility, we’ll reject your application.


Your application

Please don’t send a generic CV. Tailor your CV to reflect the requirements of the graduate programme you’re interested in. That means adding an introduction explaining why you want to join the programme and the particular skills and abilities you’ll bring to it.



Include the grade you gained in your degree (or the predicted grade). And, where possible, give details of the modules you studied in your Master’s or Bachelor’s degree, including the title and a brief summary of your Dissertation, Thesis or Final Year project.

Highlight any particularly relevant skills you have, such as software packages, as well as any relevant employment, voluntary work or work experience.


Psychometric tests

We use psychometric tests that are approved by the British Psychological Society (BPS). They help us to measure a wide range of attributes, including cognitive abilities, problem solving, situational judgment, personality, error checking, and various types of reasoning.

If you’ve never taken a test like this before, don’t worry. There are plenty of online sites like Practice Aptitude Tests and Job Test Prep, where you can take free sample tests. These will help you get used to them, so you know what to expect.

If you have a disability or any condition that might affect your performance on the test, please let us know in advance. Send us written evidence from a psychologist, so we can get the right advice on how to make the necessary adjustments.


Taking online tests

If we ask you to take an ability or reasoning test, you’ll usually have a set amount of time to complete it in.

Personality questionnaires are designed to find out who you are and who you are not, so they don’t tend to be timed. It’s important to give honest answers in these tests, rather then trying to guess what we’re looking for, as some tests will identify if you’re trying to fake your responses.

Taking an online test involves an element of trust. Please don’t ask anyone to help you, as we may invite you to retake the test, under supervised conditions.

Our recruitment process

We’ve designed our recruitment process so you can show us your strengths. Do your research. Prepare thoroughly. And, most of all, enjoy the process.

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Online application and CV review

When you apply to us, our recruitment team will assess your CV to check whether you’re eligible to work in the UK and that you have the qualifications and qualities we’re looking for.

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MS Teams Screening

We’ll invite you for a video interview over MS Teams. This is a chance for us to get to know you and find out more about why you want to join us. It’s also your first opportunity to find out about HORIBA MIRA and decide whether we’re the right fit for you.

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Psychometric Testing

If we decide to take your application forward, we’ll invite you to take some online psychometric tests. These are designed to give us an indication of the way you work, as well as your personal skills.

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Group Exercise

We’ll invite you to take part in a group exercise with other graduate applicants. This helps us to understand how you work in a team and allows you to show us more of your abilities.

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Technical and Competency-based Interview

We’ll invite you to a more in-depth interview, to assess your technical knowledge, as well as your personal and professional competencies.

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Presentation Exercise

You’ll be asked to make a presentation on a particular challenge.

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If you’re successful, we’ll offer you a place on the Graduate Programme and call you to talk you through the details.

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Ready to apply?

Ready to start your journey to becoming a recognised expert in your chosen engineering field? In a business where your ideas and opinions are respected and you’re encouraged and supported to achieve your full potential? And where your wellbeing and work/life balance are important?