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Connected Autonomous Vehicles

Helping our global customers overcome the key challenges associated with the development and implementation of self-driving technologies.

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Developing the future of mobility

As vehicles become more connected and autonomous, manufacturers increasingly need systems that are safe, secure and functionally correct. That’s where we come in. We’re continually pushing the boundaries of connected autonomous vehicle (CAV) and connected automated mobility (CAM) engineering. How? By carrying out ground-breaking research. Building dedicated test facilities. And developing vehicles and systems from concept to verification. Join one of our specialist teams and you’ll be working with customers around the world, enabling them to define, design, build, test and validate their CAV and CAM solutions. And you’ll be helping to develop the future of mobility.

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Verification and Validation Strategy

Safety is at the heart of all our work. And when it comes to automated vehicles and systems, verification and validation are key. So, in this team, we’ve developed a range of approaches to support verification and validation at every stage of the development lifecycle. That means using a range of advanced tools and techniques for both physical and virtual validation, including traffic and vehicle simulation. And it means we’re involved in pioneering projects such as HumanDrive. We developed a design verification plan, using scenario-based testing to assess safety when using AI in an automated vehicle. This led to the most complex autonomously controlled journey yet on UK roads – 230 miles.

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Virtual Engineering

Join this team and you’ll be using the latest simulation solutions to understand the impact of CAVs. The ASSURED CAV facility at our Nuneaton campus supports client developments by combining virtual and physical testing of autonomous vehicles. Opened in March 2022, it has a variety of simulation testbeds, alongside physical testbeds. This means our teams are involved in everything from controlled and semi-controlled to public testing. For example, we’re partners in Midlands Future Mobility, which is developing an environment for the early development of autonomous and connected technologies on public roads. So, we’re developing a ‘digital twin’ of the testbed to simulate vehicle systems accurately.

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Physical Test

We play a vital role in the ASSURED CAV facility at HORIBA MIRA’s Nuneaton campus. This world-leading test ecosystem for connected and automated vehicles covers 850 acres, with a wide range of advanced facilities to support the design and development of self-driving technology. Join us and you could be testing traffic merging and lane assist systems on the on-site highway. You could be testing performance in complex driving conditions in our connected urban and suburban environment. You might be testing self-parking systems in our dedicated multi-storey car park. Or you might be taking vehicles onto a local network of CAV-enabled public roads. Whatever your role, you’ll play a unique part in developing the next generation of vehicles.

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V2X Connectivity

We use a variety of advanced modelling and simulation methods to study and assess the safety and security of V2X technologies. And with 10 major EMC laboratories, we’re at the forefront of testing in this specialist field. Join us and you could be monitoring radiated emissions from vehicles and components and their immunity to radiated fields. You might be looking at electrostatic discharge or carrying out transient testing. Or you might be testing conducted emissions and immunity at component level. In short, you’ll play a key role in the development of advanced vehicle and road-based communications.