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Uncrewed Ground Vehicles and Defence

Delivering cutting-edge technology, autonomous capabilities, ruggedness, and mission-specific solutions to enhance military operations and security.

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Pushing the boundaries

HORIBA MIRA pushes the boundaries of defence and Uncrewed Ground Vehicle (UGV) technology. We are constantly innovating to enhance the performance and capabilities of these vehicles. Our research and development efforts focus on advanced sensing systems, AI integration, communication technologies, and electric propulsion. By leveraging state-of-the-art simulation tools and test facilities, we optimise vehicle design, efficiency, and operational effectiveness. We collaborate closely with defence organisations, industry partners, and academic institutions to drive advancements in autonomous navigation, sensor fusion, mission planning, and human-machine interface. Our relentless pursuit of technological breakthroughs ensures that defence vehicles and UGVs are at the forefront of innovation, meeting the evolving demands of modern military and security challenges.


Defence Vehicle Solutions

We are at the forefront of defence vehicle engineering and testing. We have extensive expertise in the field, offering comprehensive capabilities to design, develop, and validate military vehicles. Our engineering prowess encompasses vehicle and electrical architecture, structural analysis and powertrain optimisation. We conduct rigorous testing to ensure performance, reliability, and survivability under demanding operational conditions. This includes evaluating mobility, handling, durability. Our state-of-the-art testing facilities allow for realistic simulations of various scenarios, including climatic extremes and terrain challenges. our cutting-edge technology and deep understanding of defence requirements make us a trusted partner in developing robust and efficient military vehicles.

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Uncrewed Solutions

Our specialist MACE (Modular Autonomous Control Equipment) technology is at the heart of our uncrewed, autonomous and teleoperated vehicles for military and civilian applications. Join one of our unmanned vehicle teams and you’ll help us to continue developing and refining MACE, introducing a range of enhanced technologies, from cybersecurity and functional safety, to intelligent transportation systems. You might be researching innovative perception and image processing systems using Artificial Intelligence, to enable our UGVs to navigate without GNSS. And on our exclusive UGV proving ground at our Nuneaton campus you could be involved in testing a variety of uncrewed solutions, including non-line of sight operation, obstacle detection and ground penetrating radar.

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UGVs are becoming strategically critical in a number of sectors, including defence, where they can perform efficiently and quickly, without putting soldiers at risk. Our advanced VIKING platform is at the forefront of this technology. With four-wheel steering and six-wheel independent suspension, it’s highly manoeuvrable, and can carry sensitive cargoes safely. And its diesel parallel hybrid powertrain means it can drive silently for up to 20 km on its battery alone, with the ability to recharge the battery on the move. It also has an on-board high voltage system, providing mains power. So, join our VIKING team and you’ll be working at the cutting edge of autonomous vehicle technology.