10th August 2023 - The power of apprenticeship – anyone can do it.

Since 2018, HORIBA MIRA has supported more than 130 apprenticeships at all levels of the team and across a wide variety of disciplines.

Bucking the UK trend - The UK is estimated to be at least 10 years behind its competitors in skills terms, with not enough technicians and engineers, and significant skills gaps at levels 4-5 (HNC/D) - the results of this investment for HORIBA MIRA are paying dividends in both people development and retention…

Julian Webber, talent management lead explains: “2017 saw a seismic shift in the world of apprenticeships. Amid claims of not being fit-for-purpose, the Government shifted responsibility to the private sector, with apprenticeships designed by employer-led groups as occupational standards and extending the range into higher, degree and postgraduate levels. This broadened their use by all ages, including existing employees, funding them through an employer tax called the Apprenticeship Levy.

“As a result, apprenticeships are a great way to support our team members’ development at HORIBA MIRA in addition to the broader training budget we operate each year.”

Spotlight: Mike Demeda, Project Engineer, EMC (completed)

Mike-Demeda.jpgMike studied a L3 Data Essentials Diploma apprenticeship over 13 months, gaining a Distinction.

Mike said: “The course was really good, and I was happy with the learning material. Then when we started the workshops, it really took off, and I can’t convey enough how useful the skills have been. Even in-between training sessions the team at Corndel were accessible to give you tips and pointers. I also learned to use Power Query and PowerBI software and was able to generate data-driven insights into the work we are doing, and I have automated tasks (that could take up to a day to manually process) down to 15 minutes. It was a great programme and exceeded my expectations”.

Spotlight: Stephanie Haynes, Cybersecurity Analyst, VRES (close to completion)

Stephanie-Hayes.jpgSteph attained a L4 Cyber apprenticeship and is now in the final stage of a L6 Cyber Security Technical Professional degree apprenticeship.

Stephanie, said: “Becoming an apprentice was a fantastic way for me to start my career with MIRA. Gaining real world experience alongside classroom training has given me an excellent blend of skills, from technical knowledge to project involvement and customer interactions. This has really helped me to understand the material, and the similarities and differences between IT and automotive cybersecurity. The workload can fluctuate over the course of the apprenticeship, but it has been easy to manage these by keeping in regular contact with my mentors, team leaders and managers. The support from MIRA has been fantastic, and the apprenticeship providers have always been helpful. It has been hard work, but it is more than worth it. I would recommend the apprenticeship route without hesitation”.

Spotlight: Stanley Chell, Apprentice, Vehicle Climatic & Aerodynamics (early stages).

Stanley-Chell.jpgStan joined MIRA last September, as part of our first cohort of a new L6 Electro-mechanical Engineer degree apprenticeship in Test Services. 

Stan said: “I chose to do a degree apprenticeship over university as I figured it would be the most efficient way to project me into a career in engineering. So far, the apprenticeship has met and exceeded my expectations; I have been pushed, and there are lots of exciting opportunities for me within the business. I have started to apply more and more of my university knowledge in the workplace; for example, when working with impedance in the CERES fuel cell facility. Managing studies has been difficult at times, but I have soon adapted and become more organised to really make the most of my 20% off-the-job hours. I also have found the block release weeks at the University (of Nottingham) really enjoyable, having learned loads and made some good friends”.