18th November 2022 - CAREERS Q+A WITH... Mark Emery

HORIBA MIRA’s EMC technical manager shares his story 

When did your MIRA career start?  
I started at MIRA in May 1995, where my first position was within EMC as a Test Technician. 

What brought you to MIRA? 
My initial career was with Jaguar Cars where I completed a four-year Indentured Apprenticeship in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This along with my studies at Coventry University provided me with a real grasp of the profession. 

Upon completing my apprenticeship, I transferred into a test supporting role within the electrical engineering / auto-electrician sector which although enjoyable I did not see a career progression within; as such and when I was made aware of potential roles at MIRA, I jumped at the chance. 

What were your first experiences of the work? 
My first impressions beyond EMC was just how diverse the service offering was at MIRA, yet it felt that I was working for a “family led company”. Everybody knew each other and although as a company we have expanded and it is difficult to now know all of our staff members, the DNA of the company and that “family” ethos I feel remains to this day. 

Tell us about your career within EMC? 
For the first phase of my career at MIRA, I spent around six years initially supporting and then leading the test activities within both the Semi-Anechoic Chamber (SAC) and the Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) facilities. As we expanded our test capabilities, I was instrumental in the development of our Component Test Facility (CTL) and in 2006 the design and commissioning of the Heavy Vehicle Semi-Anechoic Chamber (HVSAC).  As the department’s turnover grew, we expanded our team and I progressed from Engineer to Consultant Engineer relatively quickly through the 2000’s. In 2013 I became MIRA’s EMC Technical Manager and for the past 10 years have led the team here on site ensuring our quality is maintained, our accreditation status grows in line with the market requirements, leading future facility expansions and supporting the development of EMC standardisation and legislation both nationally and internationally. Additional to this, and along with our Certification Department, I am the Notified Body for EMC and Radio Equipment Directives for UKCA marking. 

Supporting National and International Committee Meetings? 
For nearly 20 years now, I have attended EMC working groups for the UK via the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders) and EMCTLA (EMC Test Laboratory Association) aiding the development of International EMC Directive UNECE R10 and Defence Standard Def-Stan 59-411 respectively. In 2013 and upon taking on the position of EMC Technical Manager, I additionally would support UK BSI EMC Standard Committees along with the UK’s position at an international level via IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), CISPR (International Special Committee on Radio Interference) and ISO (International Organization for Standardisation) for the relevant automotive committees. Over the years I have produced numerous technical papers resulting in changes within many of the 20+ EMC standards I participate within.

What advice would you give team members just starting out in their careers? 
My message to any new staff members is believe in yourself, demonstrate a hunger to succeed and where opportunities do become available, grasp them with both hands. If and when this involves representing MIRA on a global stage, and as with me, MIRA will support you all the way.

Mark has recently been elected as a Convenor within the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and CISPR (the International Special Committee on Radio Interference) 
In the role Mark will lead the development of future revisions of test standardisation - including through IEC CISPR/D WG1, the future revisions of IEC CISPR 12 and IEC CISPR 36 test standardisation. 

Mark has been attending EMC working groups within the UK for nearly 20 years which has seen him aid the development of not only International EMC Standards through ISO and IEC CISPR, but also Directive UNECE R10 and Defence Standard Def-Stan 59-411 respectively. 

Since 2013, Mark has actively supported UK BSI EMC Standard Committees, backing the UK’s position at an international level via IEC CISPR and ISO for the relevant automotive committees, producing numerous technical papers which have resulted in positive changes within many of the 20 + EMC standards he participates within. 

In 2020, Mark was asked to lead a special task force for IEC CISPR/D. His new role as Committee Convenor follows not only his success in the leadership of this project but Mark’s extensive experience in the industry. 

Commenting on his appointment, Mark said, “I’m very proud to have been elected Committee Convenor for IEC CISPR/D WG1. The path to launching new publications is fraught with challenges, especially with the pace of change within the automotive industry but I’m confident with the many skills I have acquired; some of which are not EMC-related, but all gained from working with both the great people of HORIBA MIRA and the experts within ISO and IEC CISPR over the years, will stand me in good stead to lead this committee in the successful publication of the required future editions."