5th September 2023 - GREEN SHOOTS - biodiversity partnership is blooming

A partnership with Severn Trent has led to 26 hectares of wildflower planting at HORIBA MIRA's Nuneaton site…

The initiative comes as part of Severn Trent’s ‘Great Big Nature Boost’ biodiversity programme. Severn Trent is aiming to restore and improve ~5,000 hectares of land for biodiversity across their region by 2027. 

Ecology and conservation have concentrated on nature protection over the last 50 years and unfortunately biodiversity has continued to decline, with many species at the brink of extinction both locally and nationally.

"The site, if managed effectively, has the potential to be an important refuge for wildlife and play a vital role within the local environment in conserving nature into the future.​ Enhancing ecosystems so that native biodiversity can thrive improves the resilience of habitats and local species populations."

Severn Trent.

Mark Rogers, facilities and maintenance manager for HORIBA MIRA, adds: “Green shoots are appearing already across the areas planted and next year will see much our site wrapped in a burst of colour.  Rewilding in this way has a number of benefits for us and we will continue this work with tree planting planned for the Autumn of this year and also the development of the woodland walk.”