HORIBA MIRA’s ASSURED CAV has won the ‘Test Facility of the Year’ award at the Vehicle Dynamics International Awards 2022 

Readers of Vehicle Dynamics International were invited to nominate the products, teams, and technologies from the past 12 months that they consider to be the most innovative, those shortlisted were put forward for evaluation by the publication’s jury of industry experts. 

The ‘Test Facility of the Year’ award recognises the latest advances and investments at proving grounds and test tracks, as well as facilities offering the use of dynamics test equipment. Alastair Evanson, head of commercial for ASSURED CAV, said: “Our ambition with ASSURED CAV was to create a comprehensive ecosystem to support the design, development, and validation of the next generation of vehicles, enabling HORIBA MIRA to continue delivering its world-class engineering solutions to the automotive industry. 

"We're working hard to build the pipeline for ASSURED CAV and forecast increasing use of the facilities. The overwhelming feedback whether internal (from our engineering teams) or external has been positive. 

"Generally, customers are very happy with the surfaces and in the case of CITY and PARKING the layout of the facilities gives them the ability to do complex testing with repeatability. As a result of both the quality of the facilities and the way the team operates them, we're finding customers are doing testing much more efficiently than elsewhere. We don't have detailed numbers but verbal feedback from our own teams and key customers is they can do testing anywhere from 25% to 50% quicker than elsewhere. Finally, we'll be working closely with our engineering teams who are being successful winning large programmes of work and forging long-term commercial relationships, from which we can incorporate use of the facility in the years to come." 

Alastair adds: "ASSURED CAV being recognised as ‘Test Facility of the Year’ by the Vehicle Dynamics International Awards 2022 is a great acknowledgement for the incredible efforts of everyone involved in its development and its ongoing running. The feedback we’ve received from customers further underlines what ASSURED CAV achieves, which is to help ensure the vehicles on our roads go beyond consumer expectations from a safety, ADAS and dynamics perspective.” 

One of the expert judges, added: “Companies such as Porsche have said that they want to provide autonomous driving when it is needed, such as when you want to be dropped at a restaurant. [HORIBA MIRA’s solution] with its own multi-storey car park allows for fine-tuning of the autonomous driving experience.”