20th July 2023 – Record Breaking Employee Opinion Survey Results for 2023

Team members across the company have taken part in HORIBA MIRA’s latest annual opinion survey, and the results are in!

Thanks to the highest ever rate of participation, the company now has its richest-ever picture of the experience of work for HORIBA MIRA teams across the business.

Bringing together more than 21,000 responses to 52 questions from 405 people, the company increased or maintained its overall scores on every single survey question.

The results also reflect the company's highest ever engagement score (78%) along-with its best ever employee net promotor score (32).

Together, these key measures reflect that overall, satisfaction and commitment at HORIBA MIRA is at its highest level since the survey began four years ago.

Declan Allen, managing director said: "Thank you to everyone for taking part in the survey, it's so important for us. These whole-company results are outstanding and a real credit to the team. They demonstrate the impact of a strong and supportive HORIBA MIRA culture and an ongoing commitment to improving together the experience of work. Our focus moving ahead is to maintain the momentum of effort within the survey process – keep going with your initiatives and activities. It is working!

Lisa Rowles, human resources director said: “What is especially satisfying is to see significant progress in identified areas of improvement from last year - including a huge 13% increase in celebrating our success (the biggest percentage increase within the results).”

Lisa, added: "It is our goal to be recognised as a great company to work for, and I'm delighted that 2023 is the first year we have reached the ‘Great’ zone within the Employer Net Promoter Score. The fact this is an externally validated and benchmarked metric makes this result even more meaningful."