16th May 2024 - Careers Q&A – Bhavisha Lad, Resourcing Lead

In this article, Bhav talks about the benefits of pursuing diverse work experiences at HORIBA MIRA.

How does HORIBA MIRA stand out from others as a place of great career opportunity?

When you join HORIBA MIRA you’re joining not only an elite team, but a greatly supportive culture as part of your career journey. We are a consultancy at the very top of our game, a vibrant and dynamic place of work where no two days are the same and where the huge skies above our site are limitless. In fact, the diverse opportunities around us are endless. That diversity is a huge draw to people looking at MIRA from the outside – we are the ‘Disney Land' of automotive and mobility. The development of every team member at MIRA to their full potential, and to their personal ambition, is central to our success and core to our values.

How does moving between teams help the individual?

Ultimately, we know and have experienced so many times in recent years, that supporting and encouraging moves between business areas leads to huge leaps forwards in personal growth and engagement for the individual, supporting our retention of such well-rounded people as a business and the broadening of the scope of their career pathway at MIRA longer-term.

I guess when someone isn’t actively looking for a new job, they’re less inclined to leave their ‘comfort zone’?

Whatever your career ambitions may be, the result of saying ‘yes’ to opportunities that draw you away from your comfort zone and towards new challenges is always growth. We have great opportunity to embrace that ethos at MIRA and be known as a place where varied and fulfilling career opportunity is around every corner – that’s one of the reasons agility features prominently in our Game Plan.

How can team members explore development opportunities?

Investing time in a quality development conversation is really important and should feature between managers and team members by routine and often. That topic spans all aspects of development and learning of course. In terms of internal recruitment – we have management calls to discuss resourcing needs and identify job opportunities and it’s crucial those translate into useful pro-active conversations with team members to develop a view of those opportunities for people as valid and valuable.

Does a job description need to be the perfect fit?

No, and it almost never is in reality – that’s often part of the attraction, as within that gap is the development opportunity. For me, this is where we can take a balanced view of the ask of the job versus the skills and experience available (inside and outside the company).  So, let’s make sure great conversations about development and opportunity happen throughout every team member’s career at MIRA. At the end of the day, what we have here is an incredible team – the best team – and a great company to work for. Our people make it that way.

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