15th November 2022 – HORIBA MIRA Apprentices and Graduates Join Recruitment Drive

Apprentices & graduates represented MIRA at a Cyber pathways and STEM recruitment event  

One of a host of innovative recruitment exercises taking place this year, the early-careers group of seven represented HORIBA MIRA at a double event drawing in c400 attendees interested in both STEM and Cyber career pathways. 

The event allowed delegates to network with the universities running the latest STEM and Cyber Security degrees and the companies who are looking to fill their apprenticeships, internships and graduate intakes. As an immediate result of the MIRA team's efforts c100 people from the event visited our careers page via the QR code at the event. The team also took more than 150 contact details along with their areas of interest, and current situations in support of building HORIBA MIRA's talent bank. 

Nikhil Suchak, VRES engineer, said: "The event was fantastic. Over the six hours we were there we were constantly talking to people - the team really supported each other - and the result was great for our talent search. It also gave me an appreciation of the significant level of interest in cybersecurity, from a range of ages, both in this country and abroad. Events like these are almost inevitably going to provide recruitment opportunities for us." 

Isabel Marsh, project engineer, adds: "I think the event was really successful and there was a significant (and what felt like genuine) interest from attendees for the roles we currently have available. A lot of the people I spoke to had never heard of MIRA or what we do, so the event gave the company good exposure to members of the public we may not usually connect with." 

Robyn Spence, said: "A lot of people were interested in our company as we don’t do the “usual” cyber security roles, which meant we had a large mix of people coming to us. We spoke to the entire range of people that the event was targeting, from college students looking for apprenticeships, to people who were undergoing an early or late career change." 

Muhammed Jeeva, adds: "Our RoboMasters were a massive attractor to the stand, with many people taking pictures throughout the day too. It was often one of the first things that people asked about when they approached us, and we were able to explain how the robots are representative of an autonomous vehicle." 

Sam Drake, said: "There was a lot of interest in how cybersecurity works in the automotive domain, [and people were] intrigued to understand how the skills they learned were related and implemented in this different domain. They liked the idea of being able to participate in the whole life cycle; from advising and designing the processes used to evaluate the threats and risks of components and whole systems of vehicles to the testing and validation of the mitigations... There was also ample enthusiasm to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team with the option of a variety of projects to work on to developing a wide range of skills." 

Caleb Martin, reflects: "We were busy from 10-4, but everyone handled it really well in my opinion. Everybody that visited the stand seemed really interested. Our stand looked really professional and appealing and the RoboMasters were a real draw" 

Evie Hurst, said: "At the event I think that all the members of MIRA worked really well as a team as we all had our own strengths and weaknesses and once we figured out who has more information in some areas we would work together by making sure that the audience always had someone with the information that they need." 


Recruitment at HORIBA MIRA... 

In 2022 more than 90 new team members have been recruited, more than double 2021 and across 36 teams. 

Bhavisha Lad, said: "The STEM/Cyber Security event was perfectly timed with our graduate recruitment drive taking place right now. 

"In addition, we have just taken part in the recent armed forces leavers employment fair in Newark and have more of those in the calendar. 

"Our activities this year have driven record levels of interest in the company, including: 

  • Recruitment agency review 
  • Increased social media presence, with LinkedIn referral being our biggest attraction of applications. 
  • Increased advertisement in publications. 
  • Attendance at events. 
  • Marketing assets such as our recruitment videos. 

"Looking ahead we also have a brand new careers website in development which will showcase all HORIBA MIRA has to offer."