29 April 2024 - Autocar Great Women – Team Members Named in the 2024 List

Five HORIBA MIRA colleagues have been named in the 2024 list of Autocar’s Great Women of the British automotive industry.

The annual initiative celebrates the top 100 women in the automotive world, and also includes an apprentice category, separate to the Top 100, to celebrate the industry’s up-and-comers.

HORIBA MIRA’s Top 100 winners are:

·         Lisa Rowles, Global People Director (Talent: Overall Category Winner)

·         Roisin Hopkins, Chief Commercial Officer (Sales: Top 100 Member)

·         Edith Holland, Chief Engineer (Vehicle Development: Top 100 Member)

HORIBA MIRA’s Apprentice winners are:

·         Stephanie Haynes

·         Evie Hurst

Announcement of the 2024 list took place at an event held Tuesday 30 April, with the winners as chosen by Autocar and its panel of judges present.  The Top 100 outstanding individuals covered categories including marketing, talent, retail, vehicle development and manufacturing.

The event included presentations from keynote speakers, a panel debate and a networking session. 2024 is the ninth edition of the Autocar Great Women awards, launched in 2016. The initiative celebrates women within the automotive sector, annually switching focus between future industry leaders (as Rising Stars) and those who command the greatest influence within their fields (as the Top 100).

An Autocar spokesperson said: "Autocar launched the Great Women in the British Car Industry initiative to inspire more women to consider a career in the industry we love. The current imbalance between the numbers of men and women in the industry is dramatic. It is our hope that by shining a spotlight on those who have both reached the top, and those we consider to be the industry's brightest rising stars, more women will consider the rich, exciting careers that are open to them."

"Every member of our great team here at HORIBA MIRA brings a unique perspective to the challenges and opportunities we take on every day. Our success is based upon fostering a diverse and inclusive community: creating an environment where all talent is given an opportunity to excel. I am delighted to celebrate our winners and nominees within HORIBA MIRA and the UK automotive industry."

Declan Allen, Managing Director.

“I feel very humble to be recognised in the 2024 Autocar Great Women list within the Talent category and I am delighted to see that Autocar recognise this crucial element of business.  As I continue my career at HORIBA MIRA it is so rewarding to be a part of a community who pride themselves on creating an environment of trust, confidence, and support so that every team member can positively progress through their career authentically as individuals. I have the privilege of working with truly inspirational management and team members at our great company, and across the global HORIBA business, and will continue to do my part to develop the very best team – one that nurtures our people, reflects our values, and embraces the success we can unlock through all aspects of our diverse team.”

Lisa Rowles, Global People Director.




 “I am very proud to have been able to progress my career at HORIBA MIRA, presently leading the commercial team, and alongside many other skilled and successful women. It is great to see the annual Autocar initiative promoting opportunities for women in this sector, and I’m honoured to be listed in the Top 100 British Women in the global automotive industry. There are still too few women selecting engineering as a career choice and consequently missing out on the ability to work in an exciting and innovative industry.”

Roisin Hopkins, Chief Commercial Officer




 "After five great years at HORIBA it is an honour to have been nominated by my peers and included to this prestigious list once again. The work we do at HORIBA MIRA really matters, and with safety being a key aspect for public acceptance of automated driving I am looking forward to leading further projects and contributing to standards and regulations which make safe automated driving a reality in future."

Edith Holland, Chief Engineer Functional Safety




 "The incredible guidance and support that HORIBA MIRA has put into my personal and professional development has helped me achieve my goals and further my potential - a recent milestone being completion of my L6 cybersecurity degree apprenticeship. I am really looking forward to building further upon the immense talent and experience of my team at VRES, and all at MIRA, to push my career to the next level."

Stephanie Haynes, Cybersecurity Analyst




 "HORIBA MIRA has given me considerable opportunities by supporting my Level 6 degree apprenticeship and providing me with a wide range of guidance from my colleagues and managers. This has been instrumental in helping me progress in my early career. In the next stages, I am looking forward to carrying on learning all the aspects of EMC and being part of the friendly and supportive environment which is MIRA."

Evie Hurst, Apprentice