28th June 2024 - Summer Social

This week we held the first of our 2024 team socials onsite and it was the perfect event to celebrate the results from our annual staff opinion survey.

Thanks to the incredible participation of 85% of our team members, their feedback has painted a vibrant picture of life at HORIBA MIRA, helping us reach new heights. πŸš€

πŸ“Š Record-Breaking Engagement Results!

πŸ† Highest-ever engagement score
πŸ“ˆ Best-ever employee net promoter score (which is even higher within the 'Great' zone)

These milestones reflect the highest levels of satisfaction and commitment since our survey began. We’ve maintained or improved results across all key engagement factors, showcasing our supportive and thriving culture. 🌟

Declan Allen, HORIBA MIRA’s Managing Director, said: "These results are a real credit to the whole team as we continue to grow our supportive HORIBA MIRA culture. Keep going with your initiatives and activities – it is working!"

Lisa Rowles, Global People Director, added: "Feedback is crucial and really appreciated. It provides us with clear insights to steer our focus onward. The next step is releasing local results packs for teams to discuss and shape their action plans for the year."

Thank you HORIBA MIRA team, for making this possible! Together, we are building an even greater place to work. πŸ™Œ

Summer-Social-24-a.jpg  Summer-Social-24.jpg